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About Eltronic FuelTech

We are a fast-changing company working within the maritime industry that thrives with change and development.

Eltronic FuelTech


Eltronic FuelTech is a knowledge-based business driven by engineers  and technicians with specialized skills in several different academic areas. We cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical development and we have a deep business understanding.

At Eltronic FuelTech, we are developing, producing, installing and maintaining fuel equipment for high and low-pressure solutions. Through innovative thinking we aim to increase sustainability and supply reliable as well as efficient products.

With this combination of resources, we have the competences needed to take on the challenges we face, and we take great pride in offering the best possible solutions for your business, helping you raise the bar for your competitiveness.

Our history


Eltronic A/S was established in 2000 by Lars Jensen. Back then, the company focused on automation and software programming for industrial purposes. During the years, Eltronic has changed its focus, and today, the company delivers complete solutions including automation, software and all areas of engineering related to process plants.

In 2010, Eltronic initiated a development project for one of the biggest dual fuel engine manufacturers in the world. This project paved the way for the first Gas Valve Train and establishment of the subdivision Eltronic FuelTech in 2014. Since then, we have delivered more than 100 large customized projects, and today Eltronic FuelTech has grown into its own seperate company and is a well-known and recognized name to the industry.

Explore your career opportunities at Eltronic FuelTech

At Eltronic FuelTech we are always looking to add new and dedicated employees to our team. We offer a truly unique workplace for ambitious and innovative people. Please contact us if your have any questions or send us an unsolicited application and your CV to job@eltronic.dk


Annemette Sønderskov