Our contribution to a sustainable future

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in the technologies we work with and the solutions we supply. By providing our customers with products and solutions that are at the forefront of technological development, we contribute to the increased efficiency and sustainability of our customers’ business.

Supporting UN's Sustainable Development Goals 

At Eltronic, we actively support the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN in 2015. Among other initiatives, we do this by being one of the 30 Danish companies participating in the SDG Accelerator programme funded by the Danish Industry Foundation.

To be able to create a better future for coming generations, all goals are equally important. However, we have concentrated our efforts in 3 areas where we believe that we can truly make a difference.

Below, please find concrete examples of how we contribute to achieving the SDGs by applying innovative and new ways of thinking and working.

Watch the video and learn more about how we hope to play an active part in achieving the global goals.

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

The Maritime Industry

This makes it possible for ship owners and operators to minimize the carbon footprint of their vessels and substantially reduce the emission of harmful gases. In fact, our solutions supplied to this industry in 2019 will reduce the total global emission by the following amounts:

NOx: 2.148 t | SOx: 14.833 t | CO2: 192.767 t

Wind Energy

For some of the major players in the wind industry, Eltronic develops innovative equipment that contributes to lowering the price of renewable energy.

We do this by developing flexible and highly efficient solutions for the production, transport and installation of wind turbine components. By reducing the overall manufacturing costs of a wind turbine, renewable energy will become available to a larger part of the world’s population.

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation


At Eltronic, we apply technologies that significantly reduce the power and energy consumption at our customers' facilities.

By automating production lines and making manufacturing processes smarter and more efficient, we contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing industry where resources are used much more efficiently.

Waste is minimized, quality is increased, and less energy is used to produce the same or an even increased amount of products.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

As part of our efforts to create a more sustainable world, we also work actively with our own processes.

Consequently, we have set targets to reduce our environmental footprint i.e. by:

  • Economizing on the resources of nature.
  • Ensuring a high degree of recycling and waste separation to reduce spill.
  • Purchasing the smallest possible amount of environmentally harmful products such as chemicals and other consumables for projects and household.
  • Informing and motivating employees to increased awareness of environmental aspects.
  • Encouraging our suppliers to be equally aware of the environment.

Through partnerships with suppliers, authorities and our local community, we seek to achieve environmental synergies to further strengthen our environmental efforts.

We fight food waste and support reutilization 


At Eltronic A/S, we care about sustainability, and we take responsibility by reducing waste of resources and supporting reutilization. We focus on 3 initiatives where we believe that we can make a difference:


  • We monitor and register our waste of food, and all excess food is reused for other purposes.

  • We run internal campaigns on food waste.

  • Our canteen offers today's special based on excess ingredients.


As a result of our initiatives, we have received the ReFood certificate which is awarded for companies that fight food waste and support reutilization. We are very proud to make a sustainable difference together.

Environmental Report 2017/2018

Eltronic is an ambitious and responsible company where we strive for high quality in all aspects. To ensure a high level of quality for all solutions supplied by Eltronic, we have a thoroughly prepared quality management system including procedures, instructions, templates and tools. Our quality management system is based on ISO standards and we are certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

The financial year 2017/2018 has been the first complete period where Eltronic has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015. Thus, we are now able to publish a report covering an entire year.


Read the Environmental Report 2017/2018 here

Sustainability is about balance

"Creating a sustainable future includes protecting natural resources and our planet. But it is also about creating balance and ensuring a safe and friendly working environment considering all aspects - human, environmental and technological."

Jacob K. Ljungberg

QHSE Manager