Eltronic FuelTech Values

Our values are an integrated part of who we are. They form the basis of our everyday work and they guide us in the way we work with each other, our customers and partners.



At Elronic FuelTech we run our business in a responsible way, and we aim to improve our own behavior by only using non-harmful and energy-sound materials. It is important to us that our partners and suppliers share the same values as we do and also work for the recycling of materials and energy for the benefit of the environment. To ensure our environmental targets we are ISO 14001 certified. 



At Eltronic FuelTech we aim to build up close, mutually instructive alliances with our customers and suppliers. We value close partner relationships, as the optimal solutions best can be obtained through learning processes and business-to-business knowledge sharing.



At Eltronic FuelTech we strive to be the first mover of innovative and efficient products within the maritime market. It is important to us to respond to the market- and our customers' demands with our products and solutions. We aim to be innovative in our working methods through continuous human and technical development.



Eltronic FuelTech takes projects from idea to result through controlled processes. This is done on a highly structured and well-documented level, ensuring transparency, traceability and operational reliability. There is no room for mistakes in integrated processes. To ensure quality standards we are ISO 9001:2008 certified by DNV. 


Our mission is to continue optimizing our products to deliver the latest and most advanced products and features within the maritime industry for the benefit of our customers.


Our vision is to create a better tomorrow. Through a technology driven focus we innovate the possibilities within the shipping industry to join the green side.