Areas of career

At Eltronic FuelTech, we have a versatile workplace with several different job functions. You can be a part of our engineering team, commercial team, operations team or join our technicians in our workshop. We appreciate to have multi-skilled employees to ensure the future competitiveness of our company.


Passion for innovation is a part of the FuelTech spirit. You live to set new standards in terms of energy efficiency, quality and performance - and constantly striving to make our products even better and conducting research to develop new technologies is simply a way of life for you.


Be a part of establishing and retaining solid customer relationships! As part of our team, you will be involved in many aspects of business and your contribution to Sales & Marketing ensures that we continue engineering solutions that make a sustainable difference. 


Experience the satisfaction that comes with manufacturing and delivering high technological solutions to businesses all over the world. As part of our operations team, you will secure and improve our procurement, manufacturing and general supply chain activities.


As a part of our technicians in our workshop you will get the opportunity to travel the world ensuring safe and stable operation of our products onsite. Providing the best service to our customers and creating strong customer relationships is what motivates you the most in your job!

If you choose to work at Eltronic FuelTech, you will be joining 30 ambitious people committed to creating an innovative and inspiring workplace. Take a moment to hear what our employees have to say about Eltronic FuelTech!

Many opportunities for professional development

Jane Feldthaus Josefsen - Project Manager

I have worked in Eltronic FuelTech since January 2014 and I have watched as the department has grown into its own division and as of November 2018 into its own company. My current position at Eltronic is Project Manager and I am primarily responsible for our spare part sale for our equipment. I have been part of implementing and structuring our spare part sale so that we have traceability between our equipment and the spare parts delivered to the different equipment around the world.

The implementation of our new ERP system was interesting because I was involved in the development-stage for the spare parts, which meant I got to influence the setup and how the system would operate in my specific work area to make my work more efficient. Another interesting project was the 6 x GVU MK1 order, which was the first project I managed so it was challenging and interesting to be part of the development from the beginning until the end. I like working across different areas and with different people.

At Eltronic, we have many opportunities for both personal and professional development through courses and the degree of responsibility. We also have a great deal of flexibility, we can regulate our meeting hours and we can work from home, which helps a lot when you live further away. The work environment is informal with a twist of humor yet also professional. I am looking forward to continuously contributing and watching Eltronic FuelTech A/S develop its business even further.


At FuelTech we have great collaboration

Kristian Lassen – Mechanical Engineer

At Eltronic FuelTech I work as Mechanical Engineer and my tasks are diverse and spans from concept development to design and construction. I especially enjoyed being a part of the development of our latest Gas Valve Unit Geminus, as it has been quite an exciting challenge. Throughout the project my role has been to develop, construct and design the unit and right now, I am also involved in getting the product tested, which is a very instructive phase to be a part of as well. I really like being a part of the whole process from the first sketches of the product to having a tested and complete unit.

Working at Eltronic FuelTech, I really value that we have a high academically level, not only in FuelTech, but within the whole company. It is a pleasure to work with skilled and ambitious colleagues, which you can learn a lot from. Moreover, I have great colleagues and I feel like we know each other very well. We have a really good collaboration within the department, as we work on the same projects but each our part of it. This creates a very good cohesion within the SBU. What I also like about working at Eltronic is that we have a great degree of flexibility, which gives me the possibility to organize my own time.


FuelTech is a very dynamic division

Helle Bjørnskov Andersen – SCM Assistant

I have been employed in Eltronic FuelTech since May 2016 as Supply Chain Manager Assistant, where I work with all aspects of purchasing and production planning. Since I started in 2016, we have implemented a new software solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and I was given the opportunity to be process expert for the purchase-part within FuelTech. It is always interesting to be a part of new and improving activities within a company, and it has been very exciting to impose my own imprint on the processes. I like the challenging tasks that I am given, and I especially appreciate that we are trusted to have freedom with responsibility with our flex time agreement.

Another thing I like about being a part of Eltronic FuelTech is that we have a very dynamic division. We always have a lot going on, which I find appealing as I thrive with a busy schedule and a high pace at work. I also have great colleagues, which is very important to me - and we have a strong cohesion within the division. The tone is informal and pleasant, and we treat each other with respect, which is definitely not something to take for granted.


A good composition of different personalities

Christian Brøgger - Technical Account Manager

I have worked at Eltronic FuelTech since January 2018 as Technical Account Manager. I have an educational background as Marine Engineer and I have worked in the maritime industry for the past 12 years. My primary tasks at Eltronic FuelTech are within technical communication and clarification with our customers regarding our high-pressure solutions. It has been quite exciting to get a deep knowledge and insight to the different technologies that we are developing, as well as to get to know all of the customers.

When working at Eltronic FuelTech, you have big freedom to influence what your working tasks should consist of and you get the opportunity to be a part of optimizing the processes within the department. Eltronic is truly an agile company, willing to adapt, which I find really great. Personally, I also think that we have a good composition of different personalities within the department which contributes to a free and relaxed atmosphere.