Development of add-on block for twin engine operation 

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Eltronic FuelTech was tasked with the development of equipment for twin engine vessels to prevent pressure drops across the engines when shifting between an engine operating on heavy fuels and gas and to prevent unintentional shutdowns. This kind of operation requires two Gas Valve Trains for both engines connected to the fuel gas supply system.

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A concept was developed by our engineering team through various workshops and calculations. The concept of a slow build-up of gas engine upstream was designed with an adjustable orifice mounted by the outlet of the Gas Valve Train.

An additional valve for opening the gas flow after the system is pressurized upstream the engine was also developed.

The hardware design of the orifice and valve was made as an add-on block solution mounted on the outlet of the Gas Valve Train connected with a pipe adaptor.

The add-on block is pressure tested and function tested and at commissioning, the adjustable orifice is adjusted so the gas pressure is slowly building up to the engine with the acceptable pressure loss at the fuel gas supply system.