The world's first liquefied LNG powered containership

Environmental awareness is becoming an increasingly hot topic leading the maritime industry to a fundamental turning point. Older vessels are becoming uneconomical and even though the oil prices has dropped recently, it is only a matter of time before it rises again. With the stricter environmental regulations to limit the emission of SOx and other pollutants that came into force in 2015 for emission control areas (ECAs), shipping companies operating in these areas are feeling the impact of the regulations and needs to find cleaner alternatives to comply. This is where liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine technologies comes into play.
In 2012, TOTE placed an order for two LNG-powered containerships with General Dynamics NASSCO. A MAN Diesel & Turbo ME-GI engine unit provided the main propulsion, which is the world’s first gas-injected dual-fuel low speed diesel engine that can run on both gas and standard fuel oil. Doosan Engine in South Korea built the engine unit under license from MAN Diesel & Turbo.
In April 2015 General Dynamics NASSCO delivered the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered containership, the Isla Bella, to TOTE Maritime.

This revolutionary green ship technology will significantly decrease emissions and increase fuel efficiency. The ME-GI dual fuel engine is the next generation of engine technology that will revolutionize a cleaner and safer shipping industry.

TOTE's Isla Bella Sea Trials August 2015 (Picture is courtesy of TOTE, Inc. and General Dynamics NASSCO)

We developed the first Gas Valve Train

Gas Valve Train Installation (Picture is courtesy of TOTE, Inc. and General Dynamics NASSCO)

Eltronic FuelTech was tasked with supplying a double block and bleed safety valve configuration for the ME-GI engine for the world’s first liquefied natural gas powered containership.

The design was unique and compact compared to conventional block and bleed solutions and along with extensive knowledge about the ME-GI engine, the control system and maritime regulations lead to the choosing of Eltronic FuelTech as the preferred supplier.

Eltronic FuelTech managed the design and construction of a state of the art Gas Valve Train designed to control and direct flow of LNG. A unit designed as part of the equipment operating MAN Diesel & Turbo dual fuel ME-GI engine using LNG as engine fuel. Complete with a nitrogen purging system to purge the piping system in case of a shutdown.

Qualified and certified technicians and engineers from Eltronic FuelTech's own facilities performed the installation of the Gas Valve Train onto the Isla Bella.