Advanced sensing equipment solutions

We have specialized in developing a flow switch system for monitoring flow in ventilation systems. The flow switch systems have been designed for use in single and double wall piping installations and is available in three different types. All systems are equipped with an Ex d classified OEM version of a high quality flow switch from a well-known supplier with more than 40 years of experience in oil and gas applications.

Flow Switch System

Types 13701 and 13702 are designed for use in double wall piping ventilation systems, with one piping for monitoring double wall pipe ventilation and one piping for monitoring dry compressed air.

Each system contains three flow switch units, two pipings, one junction box and a bundle of 90m cable for use between flow switches and the junction box.

Type 13701 is used for 2” and 6” piping systems, and type 13701 for 2” and 4” piping systems.

4” and 6” piping is equipped with two flow switches for redundant operation.
2” piping is equipped with one flow switch.

Interface to control system is done via single SPDT relay output.

Our data sheet gives you all the specifications on our Flow Switch System