Gas Valve Train MkI

The Gas Valve Train is a compact double block and bleed valve configuration, designed by Eltronic FuelTech as part of the equipment operating two stroke dual fuel engines.

The Gas Valve Train is designed for operation using Methane gas as engine fuel at a maximum working pressure of 400 bar. The Gas Valve Train is a single component designed for controlling and directing the flow of Methane gas delivered from the Fuel Gas Supply System to the engine or to the exhaust.

All the valves are constructed from stainless steel and designed around a cartridge principle. This ensures easy removal of the valves without disturbing the system pipe work.

The Gas Valve Train is a safety component whose main function it is to supply gas to the engine.

The Gas Valve Train for Twin Engine operations is designed for Twin Propelled Vessels only as the vessel requires a Gas Valve Train for each of the two engines.

The Gas Valve Train for Twin Engine Operation is complete with an integrated add-on block in order to prevent pressure drops in the running gas engine when shifting between engine operation.

This add-on block enables a slow opening of the second Gas Valve Train and thereby a slow build-up of the pressure in the second engine, which safeguards the first engine from shutting down.

Our data sheet gives you all the specifications on our Gas Valve Train MkI