Gas Valve Train MkIII 

Eltronic FuelTech is the industry’s leading supplier of Gas Valve Trains to the global LNG shipping. The Gas Valve Train unit is designed for operating on Ethane gas at a maximum working pressure of 420 bar it is a safety component whose main function it is to supply gas to the engine. 

The product is economically viable as a means of propulsion since LNG-transporting ships can sail much more cost-efficiently on the excess gas from the cargo.

The Gas Valve Train MkIII is for single engine operation and is designed for single propelled vessels only. It is designed for operation in the maritime industry and is approved by the required classification societies.

It is designed for installation in areas with no operating personnel and is to be installed in a ventilated room outside of the engine room.

Our data sheet gives you all the specifications on our Gas Valve Train MkIII