The double-walled ventilated Gas Valve Unit Geminus eliminates the need for encapsulation and increases the degree of flexibility and modularity.

Gas Valve Unit Geminus 

The Gas Valve Unit Geminus can provide several different functionalities, such as a double block and bleed system, pressure regulation, purging and venting, gas filtration as well as pressure and temperature measurement. The Gas Valve Unit Geminus holds two new essential benchmarking technologies:

The double-walled ventilated design eliminates the need for encapsulation and enables the Gas Valve Unit Geminus to be installed in non-ATEX areas, e.g. the engine room. The large and heavy encapsulation of the Gas Valve Unit is now unnecessary as the double-walled ventilated design serves as an outer barrier. The flexible modularized block-solution consists of a number of modules that together serve the function of a Gas Valve Unit. Each module has its own function and can be configured in different ways depending on your requests.

See all the specifications on our Gas Valve Unit Geminus in the data sheet below.

Gas Valve Unit Geminus