Take a moment to hear what it is like to work at Eltronic FuelTech

We are a team of dedicated and talented people with very different backgrounds. We enjoy working together creating new and alternative solutions and we have fun while doing it. We thrive with challenges and always like to develop new and “out of the box” solutions. The tone is informal and honest. Meet some of our people here.

Every day is different which I find appealing 

Jane Josefsen - Project Engineer 

I have worked in Eltronic FuelTech department since 2014 and I have watched as the department has grown to its own division. In 2013, I finished my bachelor degree in Global Business Engineering; this program is an english education that combines science, technology, economics and international marketing along with language, culture and communication.

My work areas is within technical documentation for our mechanical equipment as well as the mercantile aspect that is quotations and internal and external communication. Every day is different which I find very important since our working days never gets boring and predictable.
I like the responsibility and the freedom we are given here to solve the different challenges, however, there is always someone willing to lend a helpful hand or give advice on a matter if needed. 

The work environment is informal with a twist of humor yet also professional.
I am looking forward to continuously contributing and watching Eltronic FuelTech develop its business even further.


Education: Global Business Engineering
Date of Employment: 06-01-2014


I am involved in many aspects of business 

Christian Slot Nielsen - Project Engineer

Working at Eltronic FuelTech has challenged me on several different fronts. The department is spanning across all aspects of a modern business, for example the development of new products, calculations, manufacturing, assembling, testing, sales, commissioning, maintenance, requests from customers etc. What I find interesting working at Eltronic FuelTech is that I have the opportunity of being involved in many aspects of business dealing with new technologies for the benefit of a cleaner shipping as IMO’s environmental requirements becomes stricter. 

I particular enjoy being part of delivering our products to the customer, which includes commissioning, and seeing how our equipment is operating as part of a bigger context. Through this I have direct contact with our customers and their input regarding our equipment as well as the opportunity to give feedback to our development team to develop better and contemporary products for the future. Furthermore, I enjoy working at Eltronic FuelTech as we have a relative informal management structure where every employee has a say and everyone’s opinions heard. We have a nice and friendly atmosphere in our department.


Education: Technology Management and Marine Engineering
Date of Employment: 19-06-2012

Being part of an expanding sector is exciting

Louise Ørnfelt - Project Manager

Being part of an expanding sector with focus on reducing emissions in one of the most polluting industries in the world, is very exciting. The job as a project manager at Eltronic FuelTech is very challenging and the tasks are very versatile. One week the focus can be on a development project, and the next week an ad hoc problem can occur which needs to be handled ASAP.

Having a background as a Global Business Engineer where I both have a technical, business and cultural understanding has proved very useful in my work as a project manager at Eltronic FuelTech department, as the daily tasks can be very diverse and as our customers are spread all around the world. This diversity appeals to me, and secures that my work life never gets boring.

 The FuelTech team complement each other well, and every person’s strengths are utilized in the effort to give our customers the best possible service and experience. FuelTech has grown from a small business area to an independent division within Eltronic just within a couple of years, so I am looking forward to follow and contribute to the future development of Eltronic FuelTech division.


Education: Global Business Engineering
Date of Employment: 21-03-2011