We have been a part of project group #7 “Gas Valve Train” with the purpose of developing equipment for MAN Energy Solutions’ 2-stroke engines, raising the operating pressure to improve efficiency and reduce emissions further.  Our role in the project has been to develop a Gas Valve Train for 600 bar operation pressure, as well as high-pressure valves for the unit. In addition, the collaboration with Lloyds Register in the project group secures that the equipment complies with the applicable rules for classification.

During the project, we have had the opportunity to immerse in new technologies within gasket materials, surface treatments as well as high pressure materials. The project has resulted in a Gas Valve Train working up to 600 bar in operating pressure and 660 bar in design pressure, with an "Approval in Principle" issued by the Lloyds Register.

The GVT enables the two-stroke engine to combust a larger variety of gasses in order to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. In general, the project has resulted in a product expected to meet future market requirements.

The unit is mounted on the MAN Energy Solution's test site in Copenhagen, where tests will be run in the spring of 2019, but only with up to 300 bar operation.

The Danish Magazine ‘Søfart’ has interviewed our CEO, Louise Andreasen and our Project Manager on the Blue INNOship project, Louise Ørnfelt about our contribution to the project. Read the article below (in Danish): 


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