Eltronic is an ambitious and responsible company where we strive for high quality in all aspects. To ensure a high level of quality for all solutions supplied by Eltronic, we have a thoroughly prepared quality management system including procedures, instructions, templates and tools. Our quality management system is based on ISO standards and we are certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

The financial year 2017/2018 has been the first complete period where Eltronic has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015. Thus, we are now able to publish a report covering an entire year.

“During 2018, Eltronic FuelTech A/S have, among other things, worked with production and product maturing. We have focused on the phases from development of a new product to product manufacturing and paid careful attention to the control of master data and the related requirements for traceability and documentation put forward by classification companies.

This year has shown that incorporated procedures as well as continued focus and adjustment of processes and work procedures are important for us to be able to maintain high quality and traceability to grow further. 

This work continues in 2019, where newly developed variants of our products are added to our product portfolio, with the first units ready for delivery during Q3.  

From an environmental perspective, our products contribute substantially to a reduction of the emission of NOx, SOx, and CO2 from ships. Based on the number of sold units, we have achieved all established goals for 2018 (see below table), and our order book for 2019 looks promising.

  Budget Actual
Reduction of SOx (t) 35.600 37.380
Reduction of NOx (t) 5.160 5.400
Reduction of CO2 (t) 462.640 485.770


Eltronic FuelTech will continue our focus on keeping pace with the development in the marine industry and achieving additional emission reductions and complying with the regulations issued by the International Marine Organization (IMO).” 


Louise Andreasen
CEO, Eltronic FuelTech A/S