The Fuel Valve Train for Liquified Petroleum Gas (FVT LPG) is a Fuel Valve Train designed to be connected through piping from the Low-flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LFSS) to fuel consumers such as internal combustion engines (ME-LGIP).

The FVT LPG are a two-skid solution divided into a Supply Valve Train (SVT) and a Return Valve Train (RVT). The FVT LPG is controlled by the engine control system and it supplies fuel from LFSS to the ME-LGIP engine. The unit has a slow pressure build up function and it stops the fuel supply to the engine in case of normal or emergency shutdown. 

Other important overall functionalities are: purging of the pipe system between the FVT LPG and ME-LGIP engine as well as between the FVT LPG and LFSS, fuel return from ME-LGIP engine to service tank or knock out drums and pressure reducing of fuel inlet supply pressure to return system pressure.

The benefits of the FVT LPG include filtration of media before injection as well as temperature and pressure monitoring between the fuel supply system and the engine. Moreover, the FVT LPG is made for easy accessibility and maintenance.

Currently, we are in the process of producing the first units.