The GVT MkIV is being developed according to MAN Energy Solutions requirements. The design will be updated according to the 2. generation ME-GI system. The system has been designed with cost- and easier maintenance improvements in mind. This results in some changes to the GVT as well. For example, the nitrogen block has been removed and a engine blow-off valve has been added to the GVT MkIV instead.

The GVT is controlled by the engine control system and is a part of the following overall functionalities:

• Supply gas to the 2-stroke ME-GI engine
• Slow pressure build-up and supply for engine
• Stop gas supply to engine by double block and bleed valve arrangement in gas supply line
• Redundant blow-off valves to release the engine gas pressure, when entering blow-off sequence state on the engine side of the GVT
• Non-permanent connection for purging of safety filter and purging of the gas system upstream the GVT
• Pressure test function for ME-GI functions
• Pressure and temperature monitoring functions