Watch the video to learn more about how we work towards a more sustainable future.

SDG Accelerator is a UNDP programme aiming to accelerate business solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programme is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and implemented in partnership with Monitor Deloitte.

Our work with the SDGs in SDG Accelerator can hopefully inspire other companies and make visible how the goals can be operationalized in a business context and creating viable business solutions that also address some of the roadblocks we are facing in achieving the SDGs.

We look forward to working together with UNDP, the Danish Industry Foundation, Monitor Deloitte and the other participating companies to build a better future for everyone through SDG Accelerator.

"We wish to unlock new business potential



”The more people working with and addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the better the chance that we will achieve the goals to the benefit of us all. With our participation in SDG Accelerator, Eltronic wishes to unlock new business potential within the framework of the SDGs and by doing so to demonstrate to other companies that it is possible to use the goals as a lever for innovation and business development. In that way, we can accelerate the commitment of the private sector towards a sustainable agenda. The sooner the better”

Lars Jensen, CEO of Eltronic