The maritime market

We keep developing our business to ensure better environmental performance and sustainability within the maritime industry and to help increase companies global competitiveness

We offer cost-efficient solutions

The increasing competition and environmental requirements across the oceans means that the global shipping is continuously looking for ways of reducing freight costs and SOx, NOx and CO2 emissions. This is valid for both new constructions and retrofitting of existing vessels, where the latter often is very costly.

We continuously work to improve and reduce our expenditures so we can offer our customers the most cost-efficient price possible. We provide the highest quality possible, documentation, high security and professional and swift service.

The environmental requirements drives us

ECA as defined by IMO

The high levels of pollution from the maritime industry caused by the combustion of heavy fuels emits high levels of SOx, NOx and CO2.

Emissions from the maritime industry is politically regulated by the Tier III environmental requirements. These regulations restrict the release of SOx in ECA (Emission Control Areas). Therefore, environmental legislation and adjustments potentially increase our opportunities and market potential when the maritime industry takes new environmental considerations.

LNG the future of shipping?

Both the environmental requirements, the monitoring in ECA zones and fluctuating oil prices makes it attractive and financially advantageous for ships to sail on LNG. Furthermore, Japan’s cancellation of its nuclear program, in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, increased LNG transport due to increasing demand for natural gas in the region.

More and more companies are beginning to demand environmental friendly solutions. Companies are also experiencing an increased demand and expectations for environmental friendly products and solutions.

We add value to our customers

Our knowledge about alternative fuels, high pressure systems and class standards as well as comprehensive knowledge in the maritime industry make us an essential business partner for you as the customer.

The core business of Eltronic FuelTech is to continuously developing our business together with our customers in long-term partnerships. We add value through our integrated project model and project approach and by creating innovative solutions. Our customers will benefit by being stronger in a highly competitive market.

Our unique business is based on comprehensive knowledge

"At Eltronic FuelTech we are eager at following legal- and market-based trends as well as our customers development so we can keep building close alliances. With this knowledge we can make strategic decisions to stay competitive with state of the art products and technologies within the highly competitive maritime industry."

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