Quality is everything

Eltronic FuelTech is a part of Eltronic A/S. Eltronic has over a number of years developed and verified an effective model of managing the processes performed from idea phase to the final product. The goal with this model is to ensuring transparency, traceability and operational reliability at a highly organized and documented level.

Throughout our entire delivery, this allows us to emphasize:

• A thoroughly prepared quality management system and a functional project model. Meaning that you as our customers will receive a reliable, high quality documented solution that lives up to your requirements and wishes.

• Acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2015. Our entire quality handbook with incorporated procedures and work flows are based in the ISO Standards. 

• Customer specific project management and documentation for each individual project.

Safety and working environment

In Eltronic FuelTech, we constantly work with a strong focus and dedication to the working environment and safety at our own premises as well as at our customer’s premises. Among other things, we have an embodied and approved working environment organization, which ensures that all laws and regulatory requirements are met across the entire organization.

Eltronic FuelTech building is a highly functional facility built in 2010. It complies with all environmental and working requirements. The test hall is equipped with lifting equipment and transport equipment covering relevant requirements for lift height and weight. All work places are arranged with raising/lowering tabled and ergonomically approved office chairs. The premises are controlled by the newest available technology and equipped with several aids available for different procedures.

We cannot change the past but we can help each other change the future 

For Eltronic FuelTech it is a priority to care for our environment, we aim at improving our own behavior by only using non-harmful and energy-sound materials. It is important to us that our partners and supplier share the same values as we do and also work for the recycling of materials and energy for the benefit of the environment. Eltronic FuelTech domicile is projected and equipped with Genvex Installations and solar panels and the building is eco-controlled in regards to water and electricity. Our offices and test buildings generate little amounts of waste and everything is, sorted and disposed of through certified and approved disposal companies.

Reduction of emissions

The world right now undergoes significant change after centuries of using fossil fuels as a means of generating power. This has resulted in global warming, climate changes, pollution and rising sea levels.

Eltronic FuelTech wants to solve this global challenge by developing state of the art equipment that decrease the industrial impact on the environment, primarily by reducing the shipping industry’s release of NOx and SOx emissions. The reduction of emissions is essential for solving the global climate issues. The use of alternative fuels such as Methane, Ethane, Methanol, LNG and LPG in the maritime sector will thus have a significant impact on the reduction of emissions. The technology developed by Eltronic FuelTech strives to push the limits for concepts, designs and products that secure a better environmental and sustainable world for future generations.

Environmental targets

Our technology helps us develop products and solutions that reduce the impact on the environment. Our products are designed and produced to last a lifetime and require a minimum of spare parts. Our product’s lifecycle is an integral part of our development process, and we use materials that can be recycled as well as package material that can be reused and contain no chemicals.

An increase in the world’s need for energy, combined with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, creates an operational challenge for companies operating in the maritime shipping industry. Eltronic FuelTech has responded to these challenges by designing and developing products and solutions that help companies within the maritime shipping industry reduce their impact on the environment, thus reducing emissions. This among others paves the way for:

• A long product lifecycle
• Alternative fuel solutions
• Solutions that reduce emissions
• Safety
• A continued optimization of the design and operation

The forefront of sustainability

Eltronic FuelTech plays an important part in helping the international shipping industry comply with the increasing emission limits. Climate changes and depletion of the world’s natural resources require new and innovative solutions. As a technological frontrunner, our responsibility is to develop products and solutions that will allow our customers to develop their own business in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our approach to sustainability is to continuously improve and evaluate the way in which we do business - and change accordingly. Increasing environmental awareness is affecting the way companies operate. With our products and solutions, we have the tools to respond to the need for environmentally friendly solutions. We are ready to meet the increasing demand for alternative fuel technologies with our innovative products and solutions.

We continuously strive to provide high quality, cost-efficient and innovative solutions to our customers. This approach together with our constant emphasis on safety and standards attracts competent and committed people and a high-performance organization. Our customer focus and passion for conducting sound business not only creates new opportunities and environmentally sustainable products and solutions - it also brings value to our customers.

Quality and safety is everything

"We know and recognize that quality and safety is everything as important as the actual solution."

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