HSD Engine

"The ME-GI engine requires various gas components to control and monitor the gas supplied from the fuel gas supply system. One of the major gas components is the Gas Valve Train which is manufactured by Eltronic FuelTech in Denmark. To ensure safety, it is important that the gas is controlled and monitored by the Gas Valve Train during gas operation. Besides additional function, the gas release to the air, purge and gas tightness test will be fulfilled with the Gas Valve Train as well.

With these important qualities, we considered that the Gas Valve Train is the most important gas equipment for the ME-GI engine. The unit has satisfied our expectations and FuelTech has sufficiently proven their quality during the long-term test in our shop. We believe that Eltronic FuelTech will offer good reference and service record during ship service as well. During the combined test in our shop, FuelTech's employees showed us their highly enthusiastic responses and engineering performances. We can say that we wouldn’t have succeeded our first ME-GI engine without their efforts."

Mr. Hyun-Soo Shin, Manager of Initial Design Team