Our field operation is your guarantee for safety

Commissioning ensures fully operational solutions 

After installation of our products, we offer to send out an experienced engineer with thorough knowledge of our products to do commissioning. This ensures a fully functional product before any gas trial is commenced.

The commissioning engineer has extensive knowledge about the products and its complex gas valves and can detect exactly how a potential problem has occurred. He knows all the finesses about how to disassemble and assemble the valves and how to handle the equipment mounted on the product. The commissioning engineer also travels with the most common spare parts in order to be able to repair the valves onsite. This ensures that commissioning can be continued as quickly as possible.

Our maintenance program keeps our products operational 

To ensure a safe and stable operation of our units, we offer scheduled maintenance programs during which experienced technicians from Eltronic FuelTech, will do a comprehensive overhaul of the product. The overhaul is typically done in two ways:

1. Overhaul of all valves and all other components on site

2. Changing of all valves and other components with exchange components

The technician will go through all wear parts of the product according to the described maintenance schedule. With this preventive maintenance, we make sure that the vessel does not experience unexpected downtime of the gas engine, which will cause unexpected or unwanted expenses for our customer.

We recommend that throughout the operating lifetime of our solution, periodic preventative maintenance shall be carried out to ensure the solutions continued reliability, and to reduce the possibility of failure.
We therefore offer detailed scheduled maintenance programs to keep your solution operational.

Your safety is our priority 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries regarding our field operation services or if you need any information about your possibilities

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